Tsann Kuen Kuai3 Online Store - App design



Step 1 : Successfully download the fast 3 App, enter the login screen, enter the user's mailbox and password, you can successfully log in to the shopping platform, choose your favorite products as you like, if you just want to go shopping, you can also click on the visitors. Log in to the main screen.

Simple operation, get started!


Step 2 : Many 3C products/home appliances for you to search

Tsann Kuen Kuai3 Online Store provides 3C digital, life appliances, all kinds of consumables sales, online shopping, Tsann Kuen entity guard, fast three members enjoy the service of Tsann Kuen Central Electric Hospital, with exclusive fast-track pick-up and the most professional goods Consultation, provide a good looking, good shopping and fast switching product map service to create a more intimate shopping experience.



Step 3 : Browse favorite products

Provide fast and good looking product search, innovative conditional price sorting and interval setting, and optimize product browsing page.