Cathay Life Insurance Online - Digital Marketing

Background: Since the on-line insurance of Cathay Life Insurance, the usage rate has been low, and it is hoped that the traffic on the insurance page will be increased and the online insurance coverage will be promoted.



1. Initially gender and age classification for different insurance categories, and broadly set the audience to find effective audiences through data analysis. In addition, the existing customer data is used as an audience to compare similar audiences.

2. FB advertising creatively thinks about thematic materials and copywriting, and is divided into multiple groups to cooperate with ABtest optimization to improve conversion rate and reduce click cost.

3. Google keywords use Google Trends and Analytics to analyze popular keywords from the past year and use ABST to optimize with different copywriting.

4. With the network opinion leader to do blog post and FB fan group to send text, improve network sound volume


Results: 6 months of online insurance turnover increased by 200%